Easy as Pi Day

Easy as Pi Day

I don't think I'm the only one whose fantasizing of warm, rich marionberry, apple and cherry crusty, baked goodness ... but I hate to break it to you: it's not "pie" day you've been hearing about, it's "Pi" Day! March 14, or 3/14, is celebrated as "Pi" Day because pi is that infinite mathematical number abbreviated 3.14.

And another pattern: This one day of the year that's devoted to math for the masses, also happens to be famous mathematician Albert Einstein's birthday!

So what makes pi so amazing, anyway? It's one of the most important constants in mathematics, and has been used by number crunchers, scientists and engineers for centuries. Pi is used in a number of mathematical equations to determine things like the overall area of a circle or the volume of a cylindrical shape. While it's only been celebrated as a holiday since the late 1980s, the number pi has been studied and used for thousands of years. Most recently, the infinite number of pi has been tracked down to its first one trillion digits past the decimal point. One trillion.

This vastly infinite number can make us feel small and it can make us feel hungry, but more than anything, this is a day to acknowledge the numbers that are around us every single day. Did you know that in Numerology, you have a Personal Day number each and every day? It's derived from your unique birth date, and points out the energy you might experience that day. If you're logged in as a member of Numerology.com, just head to the homepage to see your own Number of the Day.

OK, go indulge those pie cravings!

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