The Number 15: Home Sweet Home

The Number 15: Home Sweet Home

Just this morning 'The Washington Times' published an article about the amount of money spent on home improvements in the U.S., in which the author, Rachel Brown, connects the findings to Numerology.

In the article, Brown mentions that Americans spent $115.8 billion on home improvement projects in 2011, which, when you consider the number of homeowners in the U.S., works out to an average of $1,515.15 spent per household on home improvements.

In and of itself, the number 1,515.15 looks interesting just because of the repeating 15 -- but it goes deeper than that. We're talking about homes here; we're talking about people's families, people's place of comfort, of solace. In Numerology, the number 15 represents loving, forgiving, tolerant energy, while the single-digit number it reduces to, the 6 (because 1 + 5 = 6) is the utmost number of family, support and protection. (For more on the personality of the number 6, click here.) Basically, there couldn't be a more perfect number to represent the concept of home and family than the 15/6. So if this number sequence had been any other sequence, say, 1,313.13 or 1,616.16, it just wouldn't connect. But it isn't any other number sequence -- it's a prime example of the way our world is connected through the order of numbers and patterns.

These patterns are all around you! Our goal here at is to help you become more aware of these patterns and energies to gain greater insight into your life and the impact your environment has on you. Open your eyes and your mind, and you just might see your same old world from a surprisingly refreshing perspective.

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