Mercury Retrograde: Planets & Numbers Unite

Mercury Retrograde: Planets & Numbers Unite

In Astrology, when a planet goes "retrograde", it means that, from Earth, the planet appears to be moving backwards in the sky. Some planets appear retrograde for weeks, others for months at a time. When a planet is retrograde, its energy shifts, affecting us in opposite ways.

Mercury is the planet of communication, ideas and travel. Being the fast-moving planet that it is, it goes retrograde three to four times every year, bringing periods that seem to plague people with communication breakdowns, travel problems, technology snafus, slow progress and other issues.

So get ready, because Mercury is going retrograde on August 2, and will stay that way until August 26. But ... this is a Numerology website, so why am telling you about something that happens in Astrology?

August 2, 2011, is a 5 Universal Day. Mercury Retrograde is a time of instability and chaos, requiring that we pay extra attention to details and be super clear in our communication. And, as synchronicity would have it, 5 days, just like the day this confusing period begins, tned to be unstable and chaotic.

But Mercury Retrograde will last for over three weeks, and that 5 Universal Day only touches on the first day of this period ... so what about the rest? August is a 3 Universal Month in the year 2011. The number 3 is all about communication, yet the 3 can also play out negatively as impatient, scattered energy. Interestingly enough (yes, synchronicity alert!), Mercury Retrograde is all about communication, and can bring much scattered energy to our lives.

The belief many Numerologists, Astrologers and other divination experts often hold is that, if an event is truly meaningful, then it will be meaningful across all forms of divination -- and that is why I'm taking the time to point out this pattern today. While Astrology looks at every Mercury Retrograde period as being significant, we can expect this upcoming period to hold some serious weight because it's spanning the spectrum, significant not only in the realm of Astrology, but this time, it synchronizes with Numerology as well.

My best advice? Caution, caution, caution! August doesn't have to be a horrible month, and now you can consider yourself armed with your very best weapon: knowledge. Instead of fretting and scrambling to fix every unexpected situation that blindsides you, knowing that things may be a little topsy-turvy in the coming weeks lets you minimize the problems by approaching each situation with care.

And no matter what situations arise, do remember: stay positive and take comfort in the impermanence of it all. Best of luck to every one of us!

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