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Stacey Nicholas

Making it Happen on Numerology.com

When we unveiled the new Numerology.com to you late last April, suddenly this girl Stacey Nicholas appeared as a blogger on the homepage, in article bylines and such, but ... just who is she?

Well, it's me, the voice behind Numerology.com! And it's very nice to meet you. I've had the pleasure of working behind the scenes with the Daily Insight Group for nearly three years now. At the time I started working with DIG, Numerology.com didn't even exist yet -- Numerology was simply one of many channels on our Tarot.com site. But little did my higher-ups know at the time, they had a number fiend on their hands just waiting to go crazy with Numerology.

Before working with DIG, I'd always had a fascination with numbers, patterns and connectivity. And these days, lucky me, I get to work with Numerology every single day! Through countless hours of exploration and plenty of guidance from Numerologist Hans Decoz himself (not to mention his book, Numerology: Key to Your Inner Self, which I keep within arm's reach at all times!), I've spent the last two years absorbing everything I can about Numerology -- and, thanks to the Numerology.com site, I get countless opportunities to actually apply what I've learned.

On a typical day you'll find me parked at my desk, armed with a mug (or twelve) of green tea and an earful of Led Zeppelin, spending the day posting to our Facebook fans, researching patterns, writing new articles and blogs, editing Hans' blogs and monthly predictions, answering members' comments and questions, building new pages on the site, changing up what you see on the homepage -- the list goes on and on. To be sure, Hans is the master Numerologist here, but somebody's gotta get down in the trenches and take care of the site and all its members, and that's me!

So if you've got questions, want to voice your opinion, have a great idea for the site or anything else, I'm officially your go-to gal. Feel free to reach out to me by name on our Facebook page, or you can email support@numerology.com and it'll come straight to me.

And lastly, what kind of Numerology enthusiast would I be if I didn't give a shout-out to my own numbers? If I do say so myself, they're pretty much spot-on...

Life Path: 14/5
Sun Number: 4
Expression: 5
Heart's Desire: 11
Birth Day: 9
Personality: 12/3
Hidden Passion: 3

So there you have it! On behalf of the whole Numerology.com team, thank you so, so much for your continued interest in and openness to the astounding world of numbers, patterns and synchronicity -- we'll keep it comin'!