Leapfrogging into the Future

Leapfrogging into the Future

Evolution is a funny thing, and hugely underestimated, in my humble, ever-changing opinion.

Look at it this way. Here you are, sitting at your computer or reading from your laptop, and by the time you look up in, say, a few minutes, evolution has moved on, changed mountains and rivers, dropped tons of snow here and melted away huge amounts of ice there. It has moved galaxies, killed off countless creatures, and allowed a first breath of life into brand-new ones to replace those who recently perished.

And this goes on and on and on and on and on ... all the while taking you along for the ride. Because you too, are in a constant state of change. You may think, looking up from the screen you have been staring at for the last few minutes, that you are still the same person, but you are not. You have changed. The changes may be infinitesimal (oh, how I love that word), but believe me, you are now no longer the person you were just a few heartbeats ago.

It's like staring at a clock; you don't see the hands move, but look away for a couple of hours and the change in the position of the hands is obvious.

You change just like that. You just don't notice it until enough time has passed.

Remember when you were ten years old? Are you still that person? Of course not. You are now that ten-year-old plus everything that has happened to it, all that has accumulated in your mind's database, growing piles of emotional and spiritual gains and losses, a constantly changing balance sheet of positive and negative karma points, etc. You probably added pounds of flesh, facial hair, wrinkles, and have otherwise been transformed into the boring person you are today. (Trust me, you would be boring the heck out of that ten-year-old you once were! And vice versa, of course.) You don't like Kool-Aid anymore, something you wouldn't have thought possible when you were ten. You now like to kiss girls (ugh!), or boys (equally ugh!), and stopped watching cartoons ages ago.

All the cells of your body, I have been told, are replaced every seven years. And why not? You are being gradually created and destroyed with every breath. In fact, I am absolutely sure that there is not a single atom, a single molecule, a single particle, whether it's part of dead or living matter, here on earth or elsewhere, that's not in motion. I read recently that scientists had managed to expand the life span of a particle of anti-matter from one-gazillionth of a second to one-fifteenth of a second or something like that -- let's not get bogged down in the details -- suffice it to say it was a dramatic discovery. They did this by dropping the temperature to o.5 degrees above absolute zero ... whatever absolute zero is. Is that zero or a zero parked much lower?

You could say that not only are you alive, which is a tremendous blessing, but everything else, this creation as a whole, is alive as well. Everything, literally, is in an infinite state of flux and motion, growing, improving and moving forward relentlessly, dragging you with it.

Now, imagine that the fps (frames per second) of your mind's eye, could be increased a million fold, and the quality of your eyesight also be multiplied by a thousand times a thousand, and I am pretty sure you would be surprised to see your own body cells disintegrating and being replaced in "real" time. You would actually be able to see the atoms and molecules that make up the world around you, in constant motion, popping and splitting and communicating with each other.

Of course, all of this is plain silly. And yet...

Anyway, you ask, what's the point?

Well, instead of increasing our fps and the quality of our eyesight, let's reverse it. Slow down your fps and you will see day and night passing every second. Slow it down even more, and centuries become seconds. Imagine being able to witness the last million years of this creation in about half an hour. What would you learn?

You would realize, for example, that mankind has evolved in ways we rarely think about. Not only has the power of our minds grown, so has the power of our hearts. However, the focus has been far more on the mind than the heart. And yet, the heart also has evolved. Outrageously cruel and cold-hearted people still exist, but if there was such a thing as a measurable and defined HQ (Heart Quotient), I am sure our median and average HQ has improved dramatically since The Evolutionator (yes, I made that up) first placed some primitive test models on this planet, just as our IQ has evolved and improved. (When I read one of those books about mammoth hunters or other humanoids doing their thing a million years ago, and the author lets those Neanderthals have sophisticated conversations and modern-day romances, I cringe. I mean, how do you even produce a rational thought when you don't have a language?)

And this is my point. As a society, we focus on the mind as our gateway to salvation. We need inventions. We need solutions. We need discoveries. We need information, more and more and more information. And what's that going to do? If we can't have peace and prosperity world-wide with all the technology and information we already have today, do you think a bit more of that will bring us peace and happiness? I don't really think so.

I am sure that the solution to all our problems, and the only thing that can make this pathetically clumsy species survive, is the heart. Improve our combined Heart Quotient, and saving this planet becomes a piece of cake. In fact, it's an automatic and unavoidable side effect. No more wars, of course, because to the heart, war is simply not an option. Awaken the heart, and rivers of generosity bring food and help wherever it's needed. Greed is replaced by a desire to share, changing the business landscape in ways you can't begin to imagine. The world of medicine and pharmaceuticals driven by compassion and love? Imagine that -- there wouldn't be a soul left to die on the street due to indifference, or the lack of insurance.

Borders are no longer needed as people can no longer see each other as separate. In fact, when you think about it, only the mind sees us as separate. You can't climb in my mind, and I can't climb in yours. But the heart doesn't know that separation. When you and I experience something that touches our hearts, we feel the same thing, we become as one, we relate and share something that is invaluable and lifts our humanity sky high. The mind -- that dumb, insensitive excuse for all our blunders -- will never be able to do that.

So, just as odd and even numbers leapfrog each other, so does evolution. And the time has come for the heart to be accepted as a viable, legitimate, valuable tool. It is the heart's turn to leapfrog the mind. We need to rely on the heart with the same devotion and submission with which we rely on our minds.

When we speak of the Age of Aquarius, or the coming of the thousand years of peace, that is what we mean, when the heart dominates the mind instead of vice versa.

I know, we are still a long way from that, but here is a bit of intelligence that hasn't made it into the News of the World, or any other paper yet: There are millions upon millions of us already evolving into humanoids of the future, with hearts that speak loud and clear, hearts that are perfectly capable of drowning out the doubts and confusion that trouble our minds.

Welcome to the New Age, the Age of the Heart. It starts right now.

Or you can wait for 2012, it's up to you.

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