Karmic Lessons and How They Affect You

Karmic Lessons and How They Affect You

In a previous blog, I talked about the Karmic Debt numbers 13, 14, 16, and 19, which can be found in any location in a personal Numerology chart. You can read the blog here.,Karmic Lesson numbers are a different matter. They can be any of the single digit numbers 1 through 9, as long as they are NOT found in your name. In other words, if your full name at birth contains letters with numerical values 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9, but the 3 and the 7 are missing, the 3 and the 7 are your Karmic Lessons.,It is not uncommon for a person to have one, two or three Karmic Lessons. In fact, it is less likely to have all the numbers represented in your name and have no Karmic Lessons than to have one or two Karmic Lesson numbers. More than three missing numbers puts you in the minority.,Karmic Lessons affect you in very different ways from that of Karmic Debts. Karmic Lessons are more akin to a missing attribute, but not a negative behavior of a past life, per se. Think of it this way: the letters in your name represent a kind of workshop, one with all the tools needed for certain traits. There are nine different traits: metal worker, wood worker, machinist and so forth. If you have the tools for all nine traits, it gives you an advantage but not a guarantee.,There are other aspects in your Numerology chart that indicate how successful you are in working with a specific set of tools. But even if you are not a great wood worker (as an example) and you have a complete set of woodworking tools in your shop, if you need to repair or build something from wood, you at least have the necessary tools to your disposal. On the other hand, if you don't have the tools to begin with, even if you have the talent you will be at a large disadvantage.,The same is the case with your Karmic Lessons. If, for example, the number 3 is missing in your name (i.e. the letters C, L and U are not included in your name), then you will have trouble expressing yourself with ease. You may be unable to communicate the way most people do -- keeping a distance even when you like the other person. A missing 7 may make someone spiritually inept, less capable at logic or rational thinking and uncomfortable.,As with Karmic Debts, Karmic Lessons are rooted in the past. In theory, you have not earned the qualities typical to that Karmic Lesson number in a previous life. The length of the name is crucial. To give you an example, a name with a total of seven letters containing only four numbers (one 1, two 3s, two 5s, and two 8s, for example), point to what I call "key hole energy" -- a bundled and focused set of traits. This is not always a bad thing ... in fact, key hole energy usually promises a successful life based on specific and highly focused talents.,If, on the other hand, a name has 18 letters and yet only contains three numbers (I know of one such case, where a woman with a relatively long name, but consisting only of 3s, 4s, and 5s; I will not name her here to prevent an invasion of privacy), the issue is much more troublesome. In the case of this particular woman, she was a talented artist with considerable success. However, her personal life was full of mishaps, accidents, unfortunate relationships and financial disasters. The attributes of the six missing numbers clearly showed that she was making it difficult for her to respond to life's everyday challenges.,If you find that you have certain Karmic Lessons, consider the attributes typical to those missing numbers and ask yourself if those qualities came natural to you, are missing or were learned later in life. That's the nice thing about Karmic Lessons: they are like a vacuum, and nature abhors a vacuum. Therefore, people tend to put forth effort to attain those missing qualities throughout the course of their lives.,This brings me to a somewhat surprising conclusion for those of you who have all the numbers in your name and therefore have no Karmic Lessons. On one hand, you are lucky to have been given all the tools needed for any of the nine traits. And yet, there is a disadvantage as well. Are you as effort-oriented as you perhaps should be?

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