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Hans Decoz

Divorce: A Return to Maiden Names?

I hear this a lot: "I recently divorced. What does Numerology say about going back to my maiden name? Will it affect me in some way?"

Yes, it will affect you. And almost certainly in a positive way. Here's a rule of thumb: the name you were given at birth is favorable to you and to what you want out of this life.

This is not to say that you should keep your birth name throughout life. It is surprising how many people who change their name for "organic" reasons (marriage, adoption, career requirements) intuitively or synchronistically acquire a name with just the right number combinations to make a positive impact on their paths in life. And of course, you wouldn't be asking this question if you hadn't surrendered your name to that of your husband … a move that is often beneficial to the relationship! There is a woman's sacrifice of a part of the her true self, in order to strengthen the relationship. There is nothing wrong or unfair about that. The husband also sacrifices. However, if the relationship ends, the woman, as a rule, has an easier time finding herself back if she starts using her own name again.

There are always exceptions, though! I would advise you analyze both names with my Name Advisor and see which you feel more comfortable with.