9/11: A Date We Will Never Forget

9/11: A Date We Will Never Forget

The number 11 has always been a very powerful number, but in recent history it has taken an even more dominant place. September 11, 2001 marks a tragic date we will never forget. However, 11 is actually the least aggressive of all numbers and is peaceful rather than destructive.,Instead of darkness, the number 11 ushers in a sense of brotherhood in this new millennium, while the 2 signifies forward-motion change. But how do the numbers of generations past compare with the combination of digits found within 9/11/01? And what else will the number 11 soon bring? Read as I explore the answers to these questions in my article The Numerology of 9/11 about the true significance of the number 11 and its relation to September 11, 2001.,

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