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Master Numbers hold powerful potential in Numerology

Learn all about the numbers 11, 22, and 33 in Numerology...

Numerology Personal Month

November 2021 Numerology Forecast

Reveal the Numerology energy behind your Personal Month forecast

By Numerologist.com Staff

According to Numerology, November 2021 is a 7 Universal Month (1 + 1 + 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 7).

As the year closes out, this month moves in to slow us all. Right. Down.

So much has come to pass already this cycle. Huge strides have been made, and progress achieved. Yet the collective message of this numerology is clear:

Rest. Retreat. Recuperate.

This is a pivotal time in the year. Yet, it may not actually feel like it, as the number 7 tends to do its work on the inside. Meaning that unlike the energy of the 4 or the 8, which offer practical, hands-on encouragement, the 7 will affect your spiritual welfare.

This is a month of inner learning, personal development, and spiritual growth. It's your time to lean into your truth and ask some of those big questions that you may have been avoiding up until now.

  • Are your inner world, and your outer, manifested world aligned?
  • Do you have a spiritual practice that supports you? If not, what would it look like?
  • Are you being honest with yourself about what you believe?
  • Are you being honest with others about what you believe?

The energy of this monthly cycle supports real soul-searching, yet not just because it's a fun way to pass the time! Finding your purpose (or at least starting to seek it) is the foundation upon which everything else in your life stands. So unless you do the work now, it's highly likely that the efforts you put in later in the cycle will send you in the wrong direction.

During a 7 Universal Month, we all tend to need a little more time alone (and no, this doesn't mean hiding from your roommates while scrolling through social media in your room!)

Ensure your solitude is nourishing and supportive.

Create an atmosphere that lets you relax, helps you study, or is conducive to sleep if that's what you need (tapping into what YOU need and not what you think you need is part of this monthly practice!)

Yet, if you do need other people around, make sure your time together is deep, healing, and equally nourishing. Steer well clear of anyone toxic.

This is the collective monthly reading for November 2021.

Combine this with your Personal Month number for a more in-depth and aligned personal prediction.

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How to Calculate Your Personal Month Number

To calculate your personal month number, you'll need to add your personal year number to the current month number (that's the month number -- which for November is always 11 - and not the Universal Month number we've just described!)

Then reduce this to a single digit, and look it up below to read your Numerology forecast for the month ahead.

Wondering how to find your Personal Year number? It's easy:

  • First, reduce your day and month of birth to a single digit. So, if you were born on July 16, your calculation goes like this: 1 + 6 + 7 = 14, and 1 + 4 = 5.
  • Next, reduce the current year to a single digit. For 2021, this is 5, because 2 + 0 + 2 + 1 = 5.
  • Lastly, add these two numbers together, and reduce to a single digit.
  • So for the person born on July 16, 5 + 5 = 10 and 1 + 1 = 0. They're in a Personal Year number 1.

Back to the Personal Month number…

Now, simply add your Personal Year number to the current month number (which for November is 11), reduce if necessary, and voila! You have calculated your Personal Month Number!

So our friend with the birthday on July 16 would work out 1 + 11 = 12, and 1 + 2 = 3. For her, November 2021 is a 3 Personal Month.

What's yours?!

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Personal Month 1 Forecast (If you're in an 8 Personal Year)

If you're in a Personal Year number 8, then November 2021 is a Personal Month 1.

This could be a strong and transformative month for you.

First off, the 1 promises fresh insights, and new ideas. If you've been feeling a little stuck recently (and held back by that 9 energy of last month), then it's about to change.

Expect opportunities to come your way. In work, personal interests or even love, life is about to open up!

Embrace your uniqueness over the next 4 weeks. Dig into what makes you different, and what makes you stand out from the crowd. Stop hiding these parts of yourself, for they are what will attract the people, the situations, and the breaks you've been waiting for!

Yet don't wait for these things to just fall into your lap...

The frequency of the 1 favors brave leaps into the unknown, so you're being urged, through this numerology, to think creatively and take a few risks.

If you can edge yourself out of that comfort zone you've been so nicely tucked up in recently, you'll feel revitalized and ready to take on anything!

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Personal Month 2 Forecast (If you're in a 9 Personal Year)

If you're in a Personal Year number 9, then November 2021 is a Personal Month 2.

The vibration of this monthly cycle will bring connection, collaboration, and partnership to the forefront of your experience.

After the independent streak you felt last month, it's time to get a little more inclusive with the people around you. This won't be difficult - expect to feel intuitively more sensitive to the needs of others.

Try to make your decisions based on the greater good. Not just your personal progress and satisfaction.

Work together with others. Listen to their needs, perspectives, and opinions. You never know, you could learn something!

Your most intimate and personal relationships also look set to deepen over the next few weeks, as the numerology of the 2 urges you to find balance. This will be easier for you if you let your emotions lead.

Try to tap into how you're feeling, a few times each day. And not in a cursory "I'm feeling fine" kind of way, but in a deeply probing sense. Ask yourself how you're really feeling and consider exploring further with a journaling practice.

We can only really get to know others to the depth that we're prepared to know ourselves, so make this month of connection count.

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Personal Month 3 Forecast (If you're in a 1 Personal Year)

If you're in a Personal Year number 1, then November 2021 is a Personal Month 3.

Ready to let your hair down?!

A personal 3 monthly cycle is usually one of the most enjoyable of the whole year, so it's time to embrace a little chaos!

Creativity and pleasure are taking center stage right now, so if you've ever wanted to explore your artistic side, this is your month! If this sounds like a foreign language to you, then think back to the kinds of things you loved to do as a child.

What games did you play? What did you get lost in for hours on end?

Whether it's dressing up, Lego or climbing in trees, let your inner child be your guide over the next 31 days.

If your work begins to feel a little lackluster this month, then try approaching it with the same creative mindset.

How can you do things differently?

How can you break from routine and monotony, and try a new approach?

Perspectives on life tend to expand under this numerology. So if you have an idea, speak your mind. November is one of your personal high points when it comes to self-confidence. This means you'll exude an air of self-worth (yes, honest!) meaning others WILL listen to you.

So speak up -- this is not time to be shy!

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Personal Month 4 Forecast (If you're in a 2 Personal Year)

If you're in a Personal Year number 2, then November 2021 is a Personal Month 4.

Ok, time to stop putting off the hard work. For you, November calls for action.

After the lightheartedness and social activity of last month, you're now being called to create a bit of structure in your life. If you already have a bit of 4 energy in your chart, this should come easily to you. Yet if you're more of a free spirit, then it could come as a challenge.

Realize that routine is what you need right now. There's a huge amount of potential for you to achieve a lot if you can bring in some discipline and keep to a timetable.

Spend a little time drawing up a plan for the days and weeks, and think carefully about setting deadlines, priorities, and achievable goals.

Not only will you be able to actually track your progress but being able to cross things off a daily list will give you a huge boost! The 4 love order...

Keep your eyes wide open for new work opportunities, too. This is a great time to prove your worth to your boss, or prospective employers, so be sure to get that CV updated and your portfolio sharp. And don't neglect your social media accounts – remember any potential new clients or employers will be checking out your twitter feed and your Instagram stories, so keep them clean!

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Personal Month 5 Forecast (If you're in a 3 Personal Year)

If you're in a Personal Year number 3, then November 2021 is a Personal Month 5.

This is a powerful month for you!

The 5 brings adventure and freedom... whether you ask for it, or not. So expect change to come your way over the coming weeks.

As the digit of expansion, the 5 will likely find ways to challenge you around what you believe is possible for yourself. Any sense of stagnation could rise and become difficult to bear. So if you've been neglecting that itch.. well, it won't go away until you scratch it!

Don't shy away from showing up strongly as yourself.

You may feel like making choices because of what you think you're supposed to do, but this number urges you to think differently.

Make choices for you.

Make choices because they make you feel alive!

As the number at the center of the cycle (there are four numbers before this one, and four numbers after) this number can also be an incredible teacher. It's a time of choice for you – a little like the 9, you get to let things go, and choose a new direction.

SO what will you choose?

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Personal Month 6 Forecast (If you're in a 4 Personal Year)

If you're in a Personal Year number 4, then November 2021 is a Personal Month 6.

For you, November carries a generous, service-oriented vibration that will turn your focus to the other people in your life.

Embrace this beautiful, soft energy by gathering together with close friends and family, and spending time with the ones you love most in the world (and we're talking real life, in the same room kind of gathering)!

Make the effort to cook simple food and share what you have. These kinds of close-knit gatherings will truly nourish your sense of well-being and help you to feel balanced and grounded.

Balance is the key.

Be wary of over-giving. The frequency of the 6 can be generous to a fault, so it's important to know where your personal boundaries lay. You may find that a whole heap of needy folk come out of the woodwork, pleading for help, reassurance, or any other kind of emotional support. And by all means give it. But ensure you're not depleting your own stocks.

This is also a timely month to attend to any harmful or unhealthy family dynamics. This numerology relates strongly to the family, and this means any potential healing and harmony that's needed. So great leaps may be made, if you work towards this, with compassion and grace.

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Personal Month 7 Forecast (If you're in a 5 Personal Year)

If you're in a Personal Year number 5, then November 2021 is a Personal Month 7.

For you, November 2021 could feel a lot like life is slowing down to an uncomfortable pace.

The 7 brings an introspective, soul-searching, spiritual frequency to the table, so if this isn't something you're used to feeling, then it may take a while to get used to. Yet, it's what your numerology demands!

So take it easy.

Don't push or strive to reach goals that you set yourself months ago. How many of them are arbitrary anyway?

The 7 is asking you to reassess your ideas about what "progress" means, and instead create some time for the inner workings that are going on. In practical terms, this looks like spiritual inquiry, meditation, journaling, going to bed early, reading that book you've had on the shelf for the past 6 months...

As an introspective time, you will likely feel like taking time out socially over the next four weeks and spending a little more time alone. Give yourself this gift. Yet understand there is a balance to be found between solitude and isolation! So don't become a hermit, unless it's truly what you need.

November may be an important month for you to deepen into your closest relationships (romantic or otherwise), but if you're currently flying solo, this isn't going to be a great month to find that soul mate.

Instead, focus on that all-important relationship with yourself.

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Personal Month 8 Forecast (If you're in a 6 Personal Year)

If you're in a Personal Year number 6, then November 2021 is a Personal Month 8.

November is going to be a great month for you!

After a quiet and restful October (here's hoping!) you're back feeling replenished and ready for some action, right?!

The 8 brings a super-strong vibration that's aligned with profitable gain. Numerologists know that it often appears in the birth charts of people who are wealthy and successful. So whenever it shows up in a prediction like this, there's huge potential for prosperity and abundance to follow.

Harness it, by focusing on your career, investments, and work in the world. You have SO much value right now, so you need to be asking for more! Don't be afraid to take a risk or two -- put yourself out there, work hard, and you will see results really quickly.

If you're someone who has issues asking for money or compensation, then this may also come into focus for you at this time. Tackle those money blocks head-on – this could be a real breakthrough moment.

It's also going to be important for you to be honest. (Sure, you always are! But over the next four weeks, it'll be even more vital to take that moral high ground). Don't be tempted to cut corners or cheat the system -- as the number of flow and balance, this frequency demands that you stay aligned with your truth.

As the number of balance, try to keep the flow of energy healthy through your life this month. As tempting as it may be to work, work, work, make sure that's not all you're doing! Time with family, friends and loved ones will keep you grounded and retain that all-important sense of perspective.

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Personal Month 9 Forecast (If you're in a 7 Personal Year)

If you're in a Personal Year number 7, then November 2021 is a Personal Month 9.

This is another strong month for you.

Whenever the 9 appears in a prediction or chart, it means that cycles in your life are coming to a close, and you must let them reach their completion.

Can you tap into what needs to be released?

A friendship or relationship?

A work project?

An area of study?

A belief in yourself?

A habit that's holding you back?

Endings can be scary, yet this numerology is nothing but compassionate! And by letting go of whatever has run its course in your life, you are making space for the next new beginning.

Realize too, that the end of this cycle brings you to a place of incredible wisdom. Others may ask you for help or guidance this month, and you will likely find you have the advice to give. Offering your help to an organization, community group, charity or other non-profit could offer you real healing, so be open to anything that calls to you.

The 9 also tends to bring with it the vibration of forgiveness. So if you have been holding onto any resentment, then ask yourself if you're ready to leave that here too.

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