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Your Number for Today is 1

Step Up To The Plate

Today, the 1 based on 28 should help you feel more in control than you may have been much of this month. The 28 is unique - it has a tendency to remove part of your support system. This usually relates to a relationship you have outgrown, not unlike a student outgrowing their teacher. It also almost certainly boosts your personal power.

This combination can temporarily leave you fending for yourself (people you normally rely on may be unavailable). Fortunately, today's traits lend drive, even an aggressive attitude that can make up for any lack of support you might experience. Use it to deal with issues directly — it is a day for action, not dreaming. Your ambition and tenacity can help you make the right impression on the right people.

Romance and relationship issues should probably wait for another day. This day is focused on reaching goals.

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