Double Your Number Knowledge

Single digit numbers aren't the only ones that matter! Learn the meaning of every double-digit number here: Double-digit Number Meanings +

Recurring 16s: Reassess your life

16 is the number of danger. Your view of yourself and your situation clashes with reality -- this could be related to finances or emotional relationships. You're in for disappointment if you continue in the same direction.

Take a step back and take a deep breath. Then, prepare to get brutally honest with yourself about who you are. Take some time to be quiet and meditate, but also be sure and ask those close to you for their input. Be honest about your doubt and fears, and be prepared to listen.

Recurring 22s: Walk on through!

22 is a master number that taps into your productive side -- a part of your personality related to your job or responsibilities.

Watch out -- when you notice the 22 recurring in your life, you may be ignoring big opportunities, or taking advantage of opportunities, but with way too much fear about what comes next. An open door can be scary, sure -- but that's no reason not to walk through!

The lesson here is to put in the effort needed to make sure you're doing everything you can for yourself and your future. When you are this focused on success, it leaks out to every facet of your life -- the 22 reminds us what a huge impact our professional lives have on our personal ones. Luckily, these numbers are telling you something else, too: you have it in you to become a hard worker and an excellent employee or student -- you simply need to get on the path!

Recurring 33s: Give it what you've got

The Master number 33 tells you that you have a natural gift to give to the world; your challenge is to put it out there. This could be something you know, an artistic talent you have or your ability to love and comfort other people.

If you keep seeing these numbers, the message is that you cannot be happy until you impart your gift to the world. Ignoring a creative urge will only lead to frustration and ultimately anger. Find out a practical way to share your talents -- then do it!


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