See Your Future

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Random is not reality

There are all kinds of patterns at play in the world. Random is not reality. Things happen in a calculated manor and, as we track the repetition of patterns and events, we can decode those patterns and trace them back to days, letters, times, and more ... with the power of Numerology. Our company tagline is "Decoding the Patterns of the Universe," because that is exactly what we do.

Individual patterns

There are three types of patterns we focus on at The first is individual patterns. The individual patterns are those of a single person; what themes, actions or choices does a single person make and how does it impact the results? It can be as simple as "Why do I always seems to look at a clock when it is 11:11 exactly? Is that symbolic?" to more complex life issues, like "Why do I continue to have failed relationships with a partner who names start with the letter J? And why do I keep seeking out these people?"

Numerology is, first and foremost, an individual's tool to decode their true personality, strengths and weakness, and qualities that make up who that person is. It's your own unique pattern in life. And luckily, you are in total control of it!