Find Your Life's Path

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In the academic world of numbers, problems are often looked at as black or white, right or wrong ... it either adds up or it doesn't. Well at, we take a slightly different look at the power of numbers and the ordering of the universe.

Have you felt or experienced any of these emotions?
- Heartache after heartache; "Why is this happening to me again?"
- Streaks of bad luck; "I just feel that I'm unlucky."
- Unexplained failure; "I was so sure this was going to work and it didn't."
- Repeated simple luck; "I don't know why I always get a front row parking spot!"
- Huge success and good fortune; "I always seem to win door prizes."
- Repeating images or numbers; "I always seem to look at the clock exactly at 5:55pm."
- Attraction; "I'm attracted to men whose names start with a K, but I don't know why."
- Frustration; "I seem to always get frustrated when I talk to my sister."

There are many more feelings and patterns in our behaviors -- you could certainly add many more to the list from your own experience. Numerology provides insight into just about all the aspects of your personality and reveals why you approach and deal with specific circumstances the way you do. It also gives you the tools to change any patterns you don't like. You are not a victim of randomness! You have the power to create positive patterns and recourse any negative events that unfold.

The REAL random

The art and practice of Numerology is based on the fact that there is no true "random" in the world. All things are determined by our actions and choices, and as we move through each moment, we influence the next. Numbers dance and rearrange and continually recalculate determining one outcome after another -- ultimately taking you on your journey in life in a planned and calculated way.

In partnership with master Numerologist Hans Decoz, we apply the ancient and powerful technique of Numerology to our modern world. And what was once used as a tool to decode individual outcomes and characteristics, is taking to a new level.

We want to improve lives and make the world a better place by feeding our minds and intuition with insight on how these numbers and patterns are evolving. By doing this, we can better control the outcome of our actions and ultimately our own personal happiness.