What's Your Karmic Debt?

Certain numbers tell you exactly which lessons you need to learn in this lifetime ... find out which numbers they are and what their message holds here: The Karmic Debt Numbers +

Born on May 15, 1949 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Hans Decoz has been a student of Numerology since 1969, when he discovered an old and rather worn out book on the ancient spiritual science in a secondhand book shop in Amsterdam. For many years he experimented with the tools of Numerology, reading and studying everything he could find on the subject. Hans traveled throughout Europe and Asia in search of more understanding and knowledge of the different forms and techniques used in Numerology.

Hans used Numerology to better understand his friends or acquaintances, or to interpret various events on the universal as well as the personal plane. Only after he had overcome his intense skepticism was he able to see the practice of Numerology as yet another example of the ultimate unity, integrity and wholeness of the universe.

In 1982, Hans began practicing Numerology professionally in Houston, Texas. By then, he had a deep understanding -- both of the science of Numerology, as well as what it suggested about life itself. Soon he had a burgeoning Numerology practice, rich with the many strata of Houston's population -- from the hardworking housewife and laborer to the wealthiest of Houston's business elite.